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EPA-Verified Results

In 2005, EnviroFuels completed extensive testing on its patented technology with the Greenhouse Gas Technology Center (GHG Center). The GHG Center is an Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Organization sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other public and private institutions. The GHG Center locates promising greenhouse gas mitigation and monitoring technologies, subjects them to independent third-party performance testing, and provides performance results to the public free of charge.

ETV Report - Summary Report (file size 284kb)
ETV Report - Full Report (file size 1.3mb)
ETV Fact Sheet (file size 440kb)

Reduces Operating Expenses:
5 percent less diesel fuel consumption in railroad line-haul duty
10 percent less diesel fuel consumption in railroad switching duty

Benefits the environment with significant reductions in:
Total unburned hydrocarbons
Opacity (smoking)

Reduces Maintenance Expenses and Equipment Wear:
Significantly reduced carbon deposits on internal combustion components
Reduced coefficient of friction
Reduced stack-gas temperatures
Improved component performance

More results

EPA-Verified Line Haul-Duty Results:
5 percent reduction in diesel fuel consumption with NOx emissions improvement
5 percent reduction in CO2 emissions
44 percent reduction in CO emissions
22 percent in total unburned hydrocarbons

EPA-Verified Switching-Duty Results:
10 percent reduction in fuel consumption
9 percent reduction in NOx emissions
10 percent reduction in CO2 emissions
39 percent reduction in CO emissions
27 percent reduction in total unburned hydrocarbons emitted

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