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Lubricant Technology

To ensure the highest degree of product quality, EnviroFuels manufactures its patented products at ISO 9001-certified facilities. U.S. Patents: 5084263, 5310419, 5540788; Patents Pending.

EnviroFuels LTP
EnviroFuels LTP is a patented, premium quality, zinc and chorine-free engine lube oil treatment that maximizes the performance, protection, and life of engine oil. The patented technology in EnviroFuels LTP creates a surface conversion on ferrous and non-ferrous metals using inorganic polymer complexes. These complexes smooth and passivate the metal surface and reduce oxygen reactivity, resulting in a reduction of friction and higher oxidation resistance.

EnviroFuels LTP may be mixed as an all season aftermarket product with commercial engine oil. EnviroFuels LTP has been specifically formulated to exceed requirements of all two and four-cycle diesel and gasoline engines. Compatible with oils required to meet API CF and API CD specifications.

Features & Benefits
• Zinc and chlorine free
• Increases oil change life-cycle
• Reduces lube oil consumption
• Life-cycle component extension
• High thermal and oxidation stability
• Provides superior lubrication during cold-starts
• Protects against sludge formation in intermittent service
• Excellent detergency - minimizes carbon deposits and surface varnishing
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